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Based in Atlanta, Digit Systems, has sold Diagnostic Imaging equipment/parts for 13 years to over 50 countries around the world.  Digit Systems also manufactures one of a kind ultra-precision MRI installation and calibration instruments.  

Service & Development Engineer (Entry-Level)

Job Description:

  • Utilize electrical engineering knowledge of embedded systems, power electronics and
    power amplifiers (LF, HF, and VHF) to diagnose failures with MRI, CT, and X-ray
  • Perform calibrations and conduct conformance testing to ensure the compliance with
    electrical standards and MRI manufacturer specifications;
  • Perform current ramping of superconductive magnets;
  • Perform full calibrations on newly-installed MRI machines;
  • Perform testing, and validation procedures to ensure the compliance with OEM’s
    electrical and clinical compliance protocols;
  • Maintain high customer satisfaction by means of effective diagnosis, quick repairs, and
    excellent communication;
  • Work with the Research and Development team to validate functionality and performance
    of newly-developed MRI tools;
  • Develop custom MRI ramping profiles based on experience with superconductive
    ramping in field applications;
  • Act as the field liaison for the Research and Development team and provide key field
    applications feedback to the Research and Development team;
  • Prepare ramping profile characterizations and record technical data during applications
  • Maintain technical quality reports;
  • Work with Research and Development team to conduct field electrical testing in view of
    IEC certification; and
  • Communicate and report to Technical Director.


Must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering;

and must have taken “Biomedical Imaging” course.

Please apply to:

Digit Systems, LLC
Attn: Daekwan Lee, CEO
1045 Research Center Dr., SW, Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30331

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