X-ray Tube & HV Tank


X-ray tube is the most expensive component in CT scanner. Consider it as a very heavy and expensive light bulb that shoots X-ray. If a filament is disconnected you will have to throw away the bulb and get a new one.

The glass part of the light bulb in X-ray tube is called housing which protects the filament. Filament part of the light bulb in X-ray tube is called an insert which is the core of the tube.

Like light bulb has its different lumens based on wattage, X-ray tube has its different MHU(Mega Heat Unit) and requires higher power from High Voltage Tank as MHU goes higher.

Digit Systems provide various options of tubes (New, Used, Reconditioned) to suit your budget. Contact us today to find out the availability.

Check out list of tubes you might find interesting

Part Number Description Model
5534776 Dura 422 Tube SIEMENS Emotion
7737807 Straton Z X-Ray Tube SIEMENS Sensation 64
7393148 Dura 532 Akron Q Tube SIEMENS Emotion
5534750 Dura 202 X-Ray Tube SIEMENS Emotion
8401007 Straton MX X-Ray Tube SIEMENS Definition
7115301 Straton THA X-Ray Tube SIEMENS Sensation 64
D3187T Performix 40 GE Optima 660
2219500-3 Performix Pro VCT100 GE LightSpeed VCT
2137130-3 Performix MX200CT Tube GE LightSpeed 16
2199077-7 MX165NP Solarix X-ray Tube GE BrightSpeed 16
2232785-3 MX 135 CT X-Ray Tube GE Hispeed CT/e
989000085921 MRC800 X-ray Tube Philips Brilliance 64
989000085892 MRC600 X-Ray Tube  Philips Brilliance 16

HV(High Voltage) Tank is a main power sourcing device. The voltage tank is used to save energy loses and to maintain the constant required output.

The high voltage tank main output sourcing part is an anode and a cathode. The anode represent the + terminal and cathode represent the – terminal.

Like unstable power source affects your light bulb lifespan, Unstable HV tank may affect the lifespan of your expensive tube. Maybe it’s time to recondition your HV tank to extend the lifespan of your tube.

Digit Systems provide quality HV tank that went through reconditioning process and testing process to assure the quality. Contact us today for pricing information.

Check out different types of HV Tanks and more

Part Number Description Model
2246223-3 HV TANK HEMIT JEDI 60DC GE LightSpeed 16
2266521-4 JEDI H4 MP High Voltage Tank with Shields GE LightSpeed VCT 64
2246223-4 Hemit HV tank - Performix Plus GE Optima 660
2186730 Jedi Standard HV Tank GE HiSpeed FX/i
8365012 High Voltage Transformer P30 SIEMENS Sensation 40
453567028521 Cathode Power Module Philips Brilliance 16

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