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Types of Services

Customize your maintenance service and minimize cost

Planned Maintenenace

Recommended for low volume throughout facilities

Digit Systems offers a comprehensive planned maintenance service for diagnostic imaging equipment, ensuring maximum uptime and accurate diagnoses. Their proactive strategies prevent equipment downtime and extend the lifespan of the systems. Through thorough assessments, precise calibration, and performance optimization, they guarantee optimal functionality and reliable image acquisition. They also provide system upgrades, software updates, and detailed maintenance reports for transparency and compliance. With customizable maintenance plans tailored to specific equipment needs, Digit Systems is the trusted partner for keeping diagnostic imaging equipment in top condition. Contact them today to benefit from their expert maintenance service.

RF Amplifier


Average hours spent: 3 – 4 hours
Jobs done: Functional Check, Deep diagnostic, Filter change
How many engineer: 1-2 Engineers
Contract: No, appointment based
Price: low
Note: For low volume throughout facilities, combine PM service and Time and Material service to optimize and minimize the cost

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